Our Projects

Building the Framework for a New Energy Future

With natural gas increasingly relied on as a “bridge” between fossil fuel and renewable resources for electricity generation, pipeline and storage capacity becomes ever more important. Magnum is embarking on a series of projects in and around the Western Energy Hub to build the infrastructure that will facilitate this transition to a clean energy future.

Magnum Gas Storage Project

Magnum Gas Storage LLC (MGS), a subsidiary of Magnum Development LLC, is developing a high-deliverability, multi-cycle (HDMC) salt cavern-based natural gas storage facility at the Western Energy Hub. The Magnum Gas Storage Project will connect via a new header pipeline to the Kern River Gas Transmission and Questar Pipeline systems. This header will provide direct access to Rockies-priced gas supplies. MGS will offer a wide variety of highly flexible storage and related services to gas shippers. MGS has significantly de-risked the project by acquiring a FERC 7C, a majority of the right-of-way, key major permits and key project components.

West Header Project Map

WEST Header Project

The Western Energy Storage and Transportation Header Project (WEST Header Project) is the proposed construction of a new approximately 650-mile, large-diameter interstate pipeline designed to move commodities bi-directionally between multiple receipt points and multiple delivery points, including storage, throughout multiple states in the Western Energy Corridor. The WEST Header Project is also being designed to maximize the 40 BCF of High Deliverability, Multi-Cycle (“HDMC”) salt cavern storage (currently FERC certificated and under development by Magnum Gas Storage, LLC (MGS)) located near Delta, Utah.

WEST Header Project