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The Western Energy Hub combines grid-scale storage capacity for liquid and gaseous energy with proximity to major gas pipelines, utility-scale generation resources, and both rail and highway infrastructure. The Hub is strategically located to serve growing demand in the Western Interconnection for bulk gas and petroleum storage services, renewable electricity, and green hydrogen for fuel cell applications.

The Western Energy Hub

Magnum’s Western Energy Hub is a 10,000-acre site under development in Millard County, Utah, that sits directly above a vast underground salt formation—the only known Gulf-style salt dome in the western United States—which is ideally suited for the storage of liquid and gaseous energy. The Western Energy Hub’s solution-mined caverns—each of which can be individually sized to a capacity of between 500,000 and 10 million barrels of product—are capable of storing natural gas, hydrogen, compressed air, and liquid energy products.

It is strategically positioned amid existing and developing energy infrastructure within the Western Interconnection, the Western natural gas network, and petroleum liquids markets. Due to the site’s easy integration and interconnection with both energy and transportation assets, the hub’s storage opportunities will uniquely provide regional energy producers with practical bulk storage options that are not otherwise possible.

The 10,000-acre site has all major permits in hand, very substantial mineral and water rights, and is adjacent to utility-scale electric generation and regional high-voltage transmission access. In addition, there is a site master plan, zoning for industrial use, including solar development, and other significant components.

A Proven Resource

Magnum is developing the Magnum Gas Storage Project, which will connect via a new header pipeline to the Kern River Gas Transmission and Questar Pipeline systems, providing access and storage services to markets in Utah and the Western U.S. This storage capacity will also provide gas and hydrogen for a variety of customers.

Magnum entered into a joint venture with Mitsubishi Power Americas—ACES Delta—which will draw on wind and solar energy to produce utility-scale hydrogen, storing it in the underground salt caverns at the Western Energy Hub for use as clean fuel for power generation and other uses. When wind turbines or solar collectors generate excess energy—i.e., more than can be consumed in real time—that power can be utilized instead to drive electrolyzers that will be housed at the ACES Delta site at the Western Energy Hub. Electrolyzers use electrical energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, a carbon-free fuel, that can be stored in the Hub’s salt caverns and later drawn upon as needed for a variety of uses. ACES Delta’s proximity within the Western Interconnection and access to developing hydrogen markets for fuel cell electric vehicles and industrial applications provide an unmatched foundation for growth.