Western Energy Hub

Future facilities at the Western Energy Hub will support the expansion and utilization of multiple energy technologies within the existing energy infrastructure. The Western Energy Hub will feature solution mined caverns capable of storing natural gas, compressed air, and liquid energy products underground. Each storage cavern can be individually sized to store between 500,000 and 10 million barrels of product. Due to the site’s easy integration and interconnection with the interstate natural gas pipeline system and high voltage electric transmission grid, these energy storage opportunities will provide regional energy producers and providers with unique storage options that are not currently available. This makes the Western Energy Hub a strategic asset for both the State of Utah and the Western United States.

The commercialization of the Western Energy Hub will lead to the development of other associated businesses, such as:

  • Brine processing for use in the salt, pharmaceutical, chemical, or industrial industries;
  • Natural gas fired combined cycle power generation.

Magnum Salt Dome

The Western Energy Hub is situated directly above a salt dome buried 3,000 feet below the natural ground surface. The salt dome is a geographically rare geologic formation that was tectonically developed from a bedded salt deposit. 3-Dimensional seismic mapping of the formation indicates the dome measures at least one mile thick and approximately three miles wide. Chemical analysis and geomechanical studies were completed by SANDIA National Laboratories to determine the composition, strength, and structural integrity of the dome.

Public Private Partnership with the State of Utah

The Western Energy Hub is located on private, federal and leased lands from the State Institutional Trust Land Administration (SITLA). Proceeds from future development at the Western Energy Hub will therefore directly benefit Utah schools and schoolchildren.