Magnum Industrial Gases

Magnum Hydrogen

Magnum’s domal salt caverns provide the ideal environment for bulk storage of Hydrogen gas safely and economically for a range of utility, industrial and commercial purposes. The caverns are purpose built, provide a sturdy impermeable container that will not leak and will operate for decades .

Green Hydrogen, for example, can be produced using wind and solar power that would otherwise be curtailed, stored underground, and then drawn upon to help meet power needs during times of peak demand. Salt caverns can store enough Green Hydrogen to shift spring surplus to summer peaks and/or fail surplus to winter loads. Alternatively, It can be stored for later distribution to hydrogen markets for manufacturing or transportation.

Salt caverns such as Magnum’s are a proven technology for hydrogen storage and have been used safely for this purpose in the U.S. since the 1980s. They provide the opportunity for storage of significantly greater volumes than would be practical in above ground tanks and at significantly lower cost.

Magnum Helium

Magnum will similarly use its strategically located domal salt caverns to store pressurized helium for a variety of industrial users and for west coast export applications.

Helium has been stored safely and effectively underground as part of the Federal Helium Reserve for many decades. The federal government is now in the process of privatizing helium storage, and facilities such as Magnum’s will provide an alternative storage solution in the western United States.

Owing to their rugged non-porous nature , salt caverns are an effective technology for bulk helium storage and are currently being used in this capacity by private interests abroad. Magnum’s domal caverns can accommodate large volumes of helium and are located amid highway infrastructure that allows its transport to readily meet customers’ on-time requirements.